Creators Castle
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Creator's Castle in Tuscany, Italy

our Big Dream

Hi! We are Stefanie & Rasmus, we met when Stefanie rented a room in Rasmus' apartment on Airbnb. Now we have two AirbnBabies and a dream to create a place to unite like-minded individuals through travel, art and co-creation.

After years of dreaming, we took the plunge and bought a 1,000 year old castle village surrounded by a forest in Tuscany, Italy. We know there are other people from all over the world who have the same dreams and desires that we do - to live a simpler life in a community setting surrounded by nature. To focus on themselves and their families. To get away from the stress and the consumerism and get back to the earth and the love. To build, to learn and to create a better world together. 

If this lifestyle resonates with you come visit us for a weekend, a month, a lifetime or anything in between - and join our online village to be notified of events, specials and to hear about exciting new projects.



Castello di Ristonchi

The 1,000+ year old Ristonchi Castle is still watching over the gorgeous Tuscan hillside landscape. The history here shows signs of monks, wars and stonemasons. The Energy is neutral and serene. Here you can instantly connect with the grounded atmosphere and reset to your basic self.

Inside the castle are apartments ranging from studio to 2 bedrooms, a restaurant, a wood fired pizza oven built into the stonewalls, a chapel, an outdoor pool filled with fresh mountain spring water, a playground, olive groves and fruit trees all surrounded by an ancient chestnut forest hiding treasures yet to be discovered.