Creators Castle


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the POOL

Our beautiful pool is open year round and is filled with natural mountain spring water. Refreshing in the hot summer and a way to give your immune system a boost in the winter. The chill water also triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin so jump on in and join us for some Nordic-style winter bathing this winter!


Ristonchi Castle stands high on the mountaintop and is surrounded by olive groves and forest land. Take some time to explore nature on 20km of marked paths for walking and cycling.



We have a playing field with a trampoline, slide and playset right next to the castle. We plan to add and upgrade this system to encourage kids to play and learn here as well as have children design and build separate spaces within the forest.


There is wifi here in the common areas. We have a shared workspace in the castle with wifi and desks. There are a few apartments where the wifi reaches, you can request one - or request to not have one to get more rest :)
The current wifi speed is 20 down 3 up.

The Coffeeshop

At the castle there is a small general store with a coffee bar and basics such as pasta, sauce, eggs, muesli, olive oil (from our own trees), yogurt, milk, cheese, bread, fruits, vegetables, smoothie packets, water, juice, beer, wine, and other snacks. We try to keep everything bio/organic.