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Simple Pleasures

The other day our nearly 3 year old daughter Viya was playing with what we all know to be the greatest toy ever invented - a giant cardboard box. Rasmus and I were talking on the other end of the room as we watched her do all sorts of creative things with it. Then she started taking off her clothes. She took everything off, placed it on the floor, got in the box and laid down. She squealed with delight as she wriggled her little bare body all over the smooth cardboard.

I know parents can get amazed by pretty much every dumb little thing their own kid does - but I have to admit I was amazed. I knew the thought must've popped into her head, 'Hey, this cardboard feels so nice on my hands, it must feel even nicer on the rest of my body." But here's the amazing part, she actually did it. 

How many adults would do that? Would you? As adults we have too many other things to do, we can't just spend time enjoying the little things like that, CAN WE? Besides, what if someone came in and you had to explain why you were laying naked inside a cardboard box? But do we really want to spend our lives sitting on the couch being fully clothed and well, 'normal'?

I was inspired by my daughters impulsive act and today while I was carrying a big bag of toilet paper from one castle building to another I stopped in the sun for second. "It feels so nice to stand in the sun." I thought to myself as I turned my face up towards it. "It must be even nicer to lay down in it..." 

I smiled, thinking about Viya in her box. I dropped the bag of toilet paper and laid flat on my back in the sunshine. I stretched my arms wide and took a deep healing breath. I felt the earth's subtle electric charge beneath my body while the power of the warm sun flowed over me. I couldn't believe I almost denied myself this simple pleasure. It got me thinking, how many pleasures have I denied myself in the past? Simply because I thought it wasn't the right time, or I didn't have the time. Or the worst one - I didn't deserve it. 

When you have a thought that something would be amazing do you go for it or do you immediately come up with 10 thousand reasons not to do it? When do we start to think this way, that happiness has to be so difficult?

So the next time you find yourself piling on the excuses to deny yourself of a simple pleasure - don't listen. Everyone deserves the chance to lay naked in a cardboard box - or whatever it is that makes you squeal with delight.

If an opportunity like this does come up let me know! I'd love to hear about what happened,  what thoughts you had, what you chose to do and why. Let me know in the comments!

- Stefanie
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