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Kathi & Marco at Ristonchi

Fun and food with family and friends was at the top of this couple’s wedding to-do list!
Marco and Kathi hosted their 70 guests for a weekend of fun together at Castello di Ristonchi in Tuscany, Italy.

The couple chose Ristonchi because the castle could fit all of their friends in one place.
“It was important to us to keep everyone together. I didn’t want anyone feeling left out or having to drive home late at night after the party. Here everything was onsite - the rooms, reception, pool, even the chapel!” Kathi says.
The fun started when everyone had arrived and the Make Your Own Pizza night began! With unlimited wine and pizza everyone was having a good time. Even though there was a storm and the power went out - it wasn’t a problem! The pizza oven doesn’t need electricity! The night went on to be fun and cozy with hundreds of candles lighting the party.
The next day, after a beautiful brunch buffet the ceremony was held in the small, simple chapel (listed on Forbes list of 8 luxury hotels with chapels). A dear - and entertaining friend married them while a new friend - Ristonchi owner Rasmus played the drum for the bride’s entrance.
The couple was drawn to the natural and rustic atmosphere of Ristonchi and wanted a traditional and delicious Italian menu. After the ceremony they hosted an aperitivo on the terrace. Olive branches on the tables, tassel flags and bistro lights hanging overhead and lace lanterns in the olive trees made for a romantic reception setting. Tables of wine, beer, juices and prosecco were set out on the terrace along with Tuscan cold cuts (Salami, Prosciutto, and Finnochiona).Diced, tomato garlic and herb served on toast (bruschetta al pomodoro). Caprese Mozzarella di Bufala. Prosciutto e melone on skewers. Bite sized eggplant parmesan and bread.
With the threat of rain hanging overhead the couple made the last minute executive decision to host their dinner inside the majestic medieval banquet hall. With live musicians, pennant flags and the royal wedding table facing all their guests. Once inside the guests were seated at tables with White Wine and Red Wine Still Water and Sparkling Water and served a first course of Troffie with Caccio e Peppe Sauce and Casarecce with wild boar ragout . The second course was Beef Tagliata, Vegetables Ratatouille and Roasted Potatoes.
All the guests raved about the food!
Uninterested in a traditional wedding cake they opted to serve one of their personal favorites and Italian delicacies, tiramisu with gelato for the children. After dessert the guests headed for the Rave Cave with an open bar, musicians and party lights.

Kathi and Marco have already been back to visit the castle and plan to come at least once a year to celebrate their love and the amazing time they had here together.

Thank you Kathi & Marco for choosing to celebrate your love year after year at Castello di Ristonchi!

Stefanie Grassley