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A castle for families

We know there are people from all over the world who have the same dreams and desires we do - to live a simpler life in a community setting surrounded by nature. To focus on themselves and their families. To get away from the stress and the consumerism and get back to the earth and the love. To build, to learn and to create a better world together.  So we took the plunge and bought a 1,000 year old castle village surrounded by a forest in Tuscany, Italy and are determined to make our dream of a sustainable traveling community full of all cultures a reality.
If this lifestyle resonates with you come visit us for a weekend, a month, a year or anything in between - and join our online village to be notified of events, specials and to hear about exciting new projects.

Family Travel in europe
traveling with kids

It is amazing to see children from all cultures and continents come together to be fast friends, and their parents too! Here we do not have wifi or television in the rooms. Instead we offer activities which anyone can attend. Join our Pizza Night and learn how to make your own pizza from scratch, top it with veggies from our garden and cook it yourselves in the stone oven built right into the castle tower! We also host pasta making classes which are a major hit for all ages. Join a foraging hike and pick your own salad for dinner! Even learn how to make your own soap from plants we find in the forest. There are opportunities for sing-a-longs in the church, 1,000s of km of hiking trails, horseback riding, helping with the animals, joining the garden team, chopping wood, making pottery. The opportunities are endless, as long as they don't have to be plugged in ;)
Ristonchi is a place where you forget about your phone. Life here is too rich, too beautiful to hide from behind a screen. It begs to be explored.
Bring your family for your own #digitaldetox

April 15-22, 2019 Easter Springtime Re-birth
Oct 8-15, 2018: Fall Nature Week for Families