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The Creator's Castle Tribe Card

The Creator's Castle Tribe Card

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Presenting a limited amount of BONUS CARDS for our biggest believers/YOU?

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So you're coming here at some point. Right? You just don't know when exactly. Maybe you know someone who just won't stop talking about visiting. Are you waiting for a deal too good to pass up? Well this is it! This is your opportunity to get one step closer to the castle AND get an exclusive taste of Tuscany!  

Why are we doing this?

This is your opportunity to act on your dream and take your first step towards The Castle.

This is an opportunity to plant your money seed now and harvest during your future trip. 
(Kind of like a Kickstarter without the fancy video or extra fees - but with all the awesome reward bonuses for you!) 
If you show us your support now we will show you what we are doing to make your future experiences here better.

And as an extra bonus we'll send you some of our very own extra virgin olive oil! We produce some of the purest and finest olive oil in the world. We harvested these olives ourselves from our own trees just a few months ago. With only 2,000 trees we have a very limited production and we want to share this experience and this ideal product with you. Our oil is only available to Tribe Card members - there's no other way to get this exclusive taste.
Plus you'll get early access to the booking calendar for special events at the castle!

Choose your Tribe Card:
Buy a 10
€ Tribe Card - Just wanna show my support
Buy a 100
€ Tribe Card - get 130€ to spend here. That's like getting 2 brunches free!
Buy a 250
€ Tribe Card - get an extra 100€ That's like getting one night free! (Total: 350€ to spend here) PLUS we'll send you 0.25 liter of our very own Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil.
Buy a 500
€ Tribe Card - get an extra 250€ That's like getting a whole weekend stay free! (Total: 750€ to spend here) PLUS we'll send you 0.50 liter of our very own Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil.
Buy a 1000
€ Tribe Card - get an extra 600€. That's like getting an entire week stay free! (Total 1600€ to spend here) PLUS we'll send you 1.0 liter of our very own Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil. 

You can use your Tribe Card on future purchases starting May 1, 2018 until forever. The Tribe Card won't expire. It also makes a pretty sweet gift!
You can use your limited edition olive oil on any and all salads and pastas as soon it arrives. (Rasmus recommends taking a big spoonful with dark chocolate and sea salt. :)

The Creator's Castle Tribe Card can be applied only to future purchases at The Creator's Castle/www.ristonchi.com or in person at The Creator's Castle in Tuscany, Italy anytime after May 1, 2018. 
The bonus will be applied as an additional credit to your account. For example let's say you purchase a 1,000€ Tribe Card and receive a 600€ bonus. You make a reservation and your total is 1,200€. You can use your Tribe Card to pay in full and you will still have an additional credit of 400€ to spend at the castle on food, activities, airport pick-up, drop-off etc.
Additional payment will be required if the purchase price exceeds the value of the Gift Card. Seems obvious, but we wanted to be sure you knew. 
Tribe Cards are meant for individuals and families who are in tune with The Creator's Castle mission and are therefore not available to companies and cannot be used for wedding or business retreat payments.